Bioclimatic Pergolas

Corradi’s bioclimatic pergolas are aluminum outdoor structures equipped with orientable blades that can be rotated by remote control or, in some cases, manually. The rotation of the blades creates an environment that is particularly comfortable in all seasons, as by changing their inclination you can control the sunlight and the degree of natural ventilation in the environment below, thereby adjusting the temperature.

This creates a custom microclimate to meet your needs, while with the blades fully closed the space below is protected from the weather. Corradi has combined this great practicality with its unmistakable sense of design and cutting-edge technical solutions, creating an elegant mix of functionality and style.

Maestro Pergolas

Maestro is the aluminium pergola with multiple identities.
Not only because it is a model that is also available in the electric pergola, but above all because it offers a wide array of configurations, allowing you to customise the structure, dimensions and colours.

Endless Configurations

When configuring your structure you can choose between a freestanding or covered pergola, and you can also choose the different materials, colours, components and dimensions. A level of versatility that makes Maestro an exclusive and unique solution in the industry.

Pergotenda® Maestro is the perfect solution for the terrace or the garden. Both configurations – with canvas or adjustable blades – make it possible to couple the structures without doubling the pillar, thus effectively and elegantly covering even large surfaces.

Product Sheet